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内容导读:  微笑的力量英语演讲稿  Smile, and sometimes can be a life to retain power.  "To retain the life of laughter," tells the story of a place in the true story of the war years, in the story, a huge治疗癫痫病的方法有什么

  "To retain the life of laughter," tells the story of a place in the true story of the war years, in the story, a huge smile to show her magic.

  War, a number of German soldiers found guilty of a terrible mistake had been closed to general, including one soldier in particular would like to go out alive, but this possibility is too remote. He was informed of his life in the death of the ultimatum had been issued - and three months would be shot, so he does not pin any hope on the survival of the. Two weeks later, he calmed down. He visited every day to face the smiling general, the generals began to ignore him, then, he has a little goodwill, and began to talk to him ... ... three months after the date on the blink of an eye later, shot By the time this is a very strange shot: General cite shot on the left hand, right hand 西安癫痫治疗哪里好to give back to the team that can be a continuation of the war. His turn, he closed his eyes, waiting for death to come, this time, his generals to see, he slowly raised his right hand ... ...

  This is the life-saving force, which is hard to imagine the magic! Every day to a general apology to smile, even from its own bottom line back to the original point of death, this not the great power of a smile?

  If we are able to smile in the face of every person and every thing, the success or failure of honor in the face with a smile, a smile in the face of all with a smile of genuine spiritual insights better life, it would be very happy and well-being.

  Jan-mouth, will be able to draw a beautiful arc, which is how simple things! However, we do every day to add a smile to my soul? Did not - did not test test, simply Poguanposhuai; job search is unsuccessful, they feel depressed; to buy lottery tickets with the first prize was only a figure on the stomp beat their chests ... ...

  Strictly speaking, these trivial little too! But sometimes we do these things to worry all day, affecting many of the stem.

  Smile is a force used to b南京治癫痫哪家医院治的好e a smile, a smile used to the things people will not be led by the nose, facial expression is not just a smile or a state of mind, it should be a smile from the heart. The story of the soldiers that if only the blunt expression, that the general will be more than just a pleasing.

  So smile is a positive state of mind, you have a smile on other people, other people will also answer your smile.

  Smile is in the hearts of the Yi Shuguang, the hearts of bright, full of hope.

  Smile is embedded in the heart of love, the magic of love.

  In the face of your life with a smile! We find that the world is so beautiful.

  As time goes by, people are being busier and busier with working, such as signing their contracts, meeting their customers, drawing up the balance sheets of their companies and so on. In this circumstance, people forget our most excellent skill--smile.


  There are a great many kinds of power of smile. First of all, common touch can be showed by a kind smile. Imagine that you go to a company to attend an audition. With a confident株洲治癫痫正规医院 smile, you are more likely to answer the question better. Furthermore, smile can eliminate angry. As a philosopher said, smile before you begin to get angry. The last but not the least, it reflects calm of a person when he is in danger or in trouble.


  The beneficial aspects cannot be stated completely in this passage. But you can understand its power when you smile.


  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

  I’m very glad to be here for this English speech contest.first of all,please let me introduce myself.

  My name is LiHongbo,I come from Taiyuan,Shanxi province ,which with many famous historic and cultural sites.Welcome everyone to visit my beautiful hometown.

  I’m a very outgoing and friendly boy who have l ots of hobbies like basketball especially to make friends with everyone.

  My today’s speech topic is “The power of smile”

  A smile has many many means:pleasure,welcome,happiness,and more, And it’s part of轻微癫痫病治好后会遗传吗 an universal body language that doesn’t need any extra interpretation. Smile is a very simple and easy thing to do.

  As ereryone knows,butterfly effect is that a small butterfly shake its wings,then even lead to a terrible tornado in Pacific .

  The smile is all the same,not only make you more confident,but also affect your friends,parents,and the people who around you to smile all the time.

  There are many kinds of smile

  A smile is a light in the window of the soul

  No matter how difficult the life is, please keep smile

  Smile is the most powerful force in the world Smile is a window of your soul.A lovely smile have the power to heal broken relationships and unite distant souls.

  A smile may not only mean a smile,it may mean love and trust.So tell yourself that keep smile everyday and everyone you meet.

  Remember to smile, and happy life you‘ll get, I believe!

  As a motte said that smiles-a-lot girl never get too close to misfortune

  Finally.Give me a smile!Give your smile to the whole world !Thank you very much!

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